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Will I be able to travel during free weekends?

Siracusa is well-connected to Catania airport for national and international flights, and the trains and bus-services cover most of the island of Sicily, although public transport can be rather slow. Students are welcome to travel during weekends when there are no lessons, but we ask them to complete a form leaving us emergency contact information and destination.

What do I need to bring?

Student housing for short programs is in B&Bs where breakfast is usually supplied, and rooms have linen, hairdryers, wifi and A/C.
For longer programs, we ensure that students are in housing with cooking facilities, so that you can buy food at the local markets and supermarkets and cook yourselves. Basic cooking implements are supplied. You don’t need to bring sheets and towels, although in the Summer, you might like to bring a beach towel.

What happens if I have a medical emergency?

Firstly, we can’t recommend strongly enough that you bring an adequate supply of any meds you take regularly or for chronic conditions. Put your meds in your hand-luggage so there is no risk of them getting lost or delayed with the hold-luggage.
If you have a medical emergency, call the Exedra emergency number and a member of the Exedra team will be round to take you to see a doctor or to the hospital. You will always be accompanied by a bilingual member of staff.
During your program orientation on arrival, you will be told about the emergency procedures.

Can I have guests?

It is usually not possible to have guests during short programs when you are housed in B&Bs. During longer programs, in self-catering accommodation, it might be tempting to invite friends to stay. Exedra cannot endorse this, as it is an imposition on the other people living in the accommodation, and creates issues about security with the Italian State, because the guest would be unregistered.
If you are expecting guests, please let Exedra know in plenty of time so we can help you arrange accommodation for them.

What support will Exedra give my program?

Exedra will provide support on all fronts – from logistic (transport, tickets, housing etc) to academic (guest lectures, local guides, demonstrations etc.), leaving the faculty member free to concentrate on teaching. A member of the Exedra team will always be on hand during all activities, field-trips etc.

What happens in an emergency?

Exedra will give all faculty and students a 24-hour contact number for all emergencies, and will send a member of staff immediately on being alerted to any sort of emergency. A bilingual member of staff will accompany faculty or students throughout the crisis. Exedra has a good network of local doctors to cover most medical issues, and the carabinieri are five minutes from the center for security issues, lost or stolen items etc.

What sort of accommodation will be arranged?

Exedra tries to cater for every need. All housing is within walking distance of the center, usually on the island of Ortigia itself.
For short programs, we tend to house faculty and TAs in the same B&Bs as the students.
For longer programs, we organise self-catering apartments for faculty, near student housing. TAS will be housed in the same place as the students. If faculty is travelling with family, suitable accommodation can be arranged.

What facilities will I find at the Exedra center?

The Exedra Center has wifi in all areas.
Classrooms have projector, screen and whiteboard.
Printing and photocopying can be done in the office.
Books can be borrowed from the library. We have multiple copies of various basic texts about Sicily, Greek archaeology and literature, art history, volcanology so students can borrow a copy each. Contact us to ask about what is available.

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