Academic Year 2021-22

Ancient Greek for Philosophers 2021-22

On-line course
Open to All
Team Taught
Fall '21-Summer '22

Ancient Greek for Philosophers” is a series of online and in-person activities designed to help scholars of ancient philosophy better engage with the original Greek text.  Whether you have never studied ancient Greek or simply need to brush up and exercise your skills, our courses and reading groups mix language learning with philosophical discussion of important texts.

We are happy to announce our online Ancient Greek for Philosophers classes which will run from Fall 2021 into late Spring 2022. There will be two levels of classes; Reading Greek for Philosophers focusing on Plato’s Gorgias  (intermediate/advanced)  and an Elementary Greek designed for those who have already done a beginners course and who want to revise and improve their knowledge of Ancient Greek and begin to read some simpler Greek texts.

Our tutors are Dr. George Gazis and Dr. Chiara Blanco who will lead the classes live.

The deadline for application for the first 10-week block  is Monday 4th October 2021.

Courses will be taught live on Zoom and recordings of the lessons will be available after each class to those who register.


ELEMENTARY ANCIENT GREEK COURSE (starts Thursday 7th October  2021, 6 – 8pm Italian time)

This course is aimed at Greek learners who have already done a Beginners Greek course (either with Exedra or elsewhere) and have basic notions of the Greek language (article, declensions, pronouns, verbs etc.). Youtube videos explaining the most basic grammar points that participants should be familiar with, will be made available as revision before the elementary course begins.

We will be following the texts in “Reading Greek Beginners Course, supplemented by grammar and syntax handouts where necessary and we will begin to read some simple Greek texts. 

The course will run through October to December 2021, with 10 classes (2 hours each class) in total. In Spring 2022, there will be a further two 10-week blocks TBC.

The course will be taught live online on Zoom. Classes will be recorded.

  • Dates
  • EVERY THURSDAY 18:00 – 20:00 Italian Time UTC+2Starting on 7th October 18:00 – 20:00 ending on 9th December 2021 18:00 – 20:00
  • COURSE COST Course cost €210 - 10 two-hour live on-line sessions (including basic grammar videos)

GREEK FOR PHILOSOPHERS READING GROUP (starts Wednesday 6th October  2021, 5 – 6pm Italian time)

We will be meeting once a week online to read one of the Platonic dialogues from the original text over the course of the academic year. The text chosen for the three 10-week sessions starting in October and running through to May 2022 is the Gorgias (recommended edition Gorgias. A Revised Text with Introduction and Commentary. Plato; Dodds, E. R., ed. Oxford University Press (1959) ISBN 10: 019814153X ISBN 13: 9780198141532) (

Gorgias is considered by many to be the perfect Platonic dialogue because it merges the questioning characteristics of his Socratic dialogues with the theoretical depth of works like the Republic. The dialogue compares rhetoric and philosophy in the attempt to understand the best approach to a good life.  Topics explored include justice, virtue, truth, and persuasion.

The Greek for Philosophers Reading Group is open to all levels of Greek learners, from Beginners to Advanced level, since the focus will be mostly on the content rather than the language. Participants can volunteer to prepare a translation of a short passage in advance and then present their translation in class, after which the discussion of the content will be open to all. 

Translating will not be compulsory for participants and in the case of lack of translators, the seminar leader will lead the group through the text. 

The aim of the reading group is to provide students and scholars interested in Plato with an informal platform in which they can come in contact with the text in the original Greek and discuss the content in a relaxed and friendly environment. 

There will be 10 ( x 1 hour) weekly meetings, starting on the 6th of October and finishing on the 8th of December 2021. There will be two further blocks in Spring 2022 (January – March and March – May. It is not compulsory to sign up for all three.

The course will be taught live online on Zoom. Classes will be recorded.

  • Dates
  • EVERY WEDNESDAY 17.00 - 18.00 Italian Time UTC +2Starting on 6th October 17.00 - 18.00 Ending on 8th December 17.00 - 18.00 Italian time
  • COURSE COSTCourse cost €100 - 10 one-hour live on-line sessions

Siracusa Summer Seminar on Ancient Greek Philosophy (details TBC)

August 1-12, 2022

The goal of this seminar is to help graduate students, teachers and professors of philosophy develop skills in reading philosophy in Greek, and to produce a new translation of Plato’s Euthyphro that includes the Greek text and accompanying commentary on the historical, cultural, and linguistic nuances useful for understanding the dialogue philosophically. 


Course Levels: 

Level 1: Elementary (some previous experience of Classical Greek or our video introductory course to basic Greek concepts (included).

Level 2: Intermediate/Advanced (c. two years of Classical Greek)

Schedule – students will be separated by skill level for the 3-5 PM session, then come together for the presentations and workshop from 6-7 PM.

Morning: optional cultural activities (archaeological visits, cooking classes, etc.)

3-5 PM: Greek lessons or Reading and translation of Plato’s Euthyphro

5-6 PM: Break/Private Study

6-7 PM: Student presentations and workshops to discuss the philosophical commentary

Participation Options

  • Standard Participation (lessons and workshop only)
  • Contributing Participation (includes paper presentation and possible publication)
  • Online auditing may be offered if conditions warrant


Participants will study on the picturesque island of Ortigia, the historic centre of Siracusa, where they can visit ancient Greek temples, swim in the sea, and experience a vibrant nightlife. Exedra will also arrange other activities like cooking classes and cultural events. 

Online participation may be possible. Please contact for information about on-line options.

All courses will be taught in English by Dr George Gazis and Dr Chiara Blanco.

Dr Gazis is Assistant Professor in Greek Literature at the Department of Classics and Ancient History, at Durham University. His research interests lie in Archaic Greek Poetry (mainly Homer), as well as Greek Lyric and Tragedy. He is the author of Homer and the poetics of Hades (OUP, 2018) and the editor of Aspects of Death in Greek Literature (LUP, 2021).

Dr Blanco is a Teaching Fellow in Classics at the University of Edinburgh. Before moving to Edinburgh she was a Research Lecturer in Classics at Trinity College, University of Oxford and Lecturer in Classics at Exeter College, Oxford, and she also taught Classics at Durham University and the University of Cambridge, where she completed her PhD. Her main research interests lie in the intersections between ancient literature (Greek tragedy in particular) and medicine, and she is also interested in the role of the senses and emotions in Greek and Roman culture.

Entry requirements

Adults (18+) with an interest in Ancient Greek.
Teaching groups will be small – 8-18 people per class


Beginners Greek – Reading Greek Beginners Course , Cambridge University Press, 2007
Reading Group – Gorgias. A Revised Text with Introduction and Commentary. Plato; Dodds, E. R., ed. Oxford University Press (1959) ISBN 10: 019814153X ISBN 13: 9780198141532

How you study

Students are expected to do some private study for each class.
All teaching will take place on-line live.
You will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course, if requested.

Application and Payment

Complete the online form using the link above at “Apply”.
You will then receive a pro-forma Paypal invoice which lists your course choice(s) and possible methods of payment.
You can pay using Paypal, credit card or bank transfer – all details are listed on the invoice.

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