Alongside its core business activities, Exedra, together with the Exedra Associazione Culturale, has always had a special place for cultural events, especially those aimed at or performed by young people. Since 2018, we have frequently hosted concerts and plays, and arranged masterclasses and workshops with guest tutors, such as Brett Douglas Deubner, American viola player, and Hilary Thomson, lecturer in drama from the UK.

Highlights of the past three years include a performance of Verdi’s Traviata with a chamber orchestra of local musicians and a cast of international students, directed by Maestro Francesco Attardi, frequent concerts by La Giga String Ensemble, conducted by Maestro Marco Terlizzi, and original plays inspired by local history, such as “Il Manifesto Infame” performed with a high school in Floridia, and “Federico e [il suo] Secondo”, a historicomedy based on the life of the great Medieval emperor Frederick II of Swabia.

One of our main aims is to take the arts out into the streets and squares, to historical sites and monuments and more unexpected and informal settings, and through theatre, words and music, add an extra dimension to one’s previous experience of a place. This year’s new productions were specifically designed to be performed in the open air, on a street corner or in a courtyard, both to respect Covid-imposed restrictions and to reach an audience who might not otherwise encounter theatre. 



Da Settembre 2019, EXEDRA Mediterranean Center accoglie le attività culturali organizzate da Exedra ARTS, tra cui spettacoli, concerti, Live Game, workshop, ecc…
Lo scopo di Exedra ARTS è riavvicinare i giovani alla cultura rendendoli protagonisti e facendo riscoprire loro l’amore per il teatro, la musica e le arti. Quest’anno, nonostante le difficoltà creati da Covid 19, si propone un corso nuovo settimanale: “A.R.T.S.”Approaching Reality with Theatre Skills – avvicinandosi alla realtà con skills teatrali.
Si impara a ‘fare teatro’, ma si impara anche per la vita – le tecniche teatrali acquisiti aiuteranno i giovani in tanti aspetti della vita quotidiana. Il corso è tenuto in italiano ma con una componente importante d’inglese – una dei tutor è madrelingua inglese e i partecipanti impareranno a ‘giocare’ e a recitare anche in inglese.  

U Cuntu di lu Manifestu – a flash mob in Sicilian dialect

A.R.T.S. - Approaching Reality with Theatre Skills

The A.R.T.S. course, launched this year, is designed for young adults who are interested in theatre, but also for those who are curious about how theatrical skills can help with soft skills in general. Relaxation techniques, diction and reading for public speaking, body language and gesture, memorisation and improvisation, self-discipline and concentration are all parts of theatrical training which can be applied to everyday life and which can help anyone with self-confidence issues. Through games, reading, physical exercises - while maintaining social distancing - students will discover a world of drama which will accompany them outside the walls of the theatre. The course is held in Italian but with a large English language component to help build confidence with use of language in a non-formal setting.

A.R.T.S. Program

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,
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